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From time to time I’d like to share certain products that I love. ┬áSometimes they will include affiliate links, sometimes they will be products I’ve been gifted, other times it will be products that I’ve spent my own hard earned money on. ┬áThis is one of those products, however…. though the post is unsponsored, and I paid money for this product myself, I will put out there that the link I will provide does give me perks on their Loyalty Reward Program (Which is totally cool, and everyone should sign up for it because it’s completely free – and you get 250 perks just for signing up for their free program!

I am NOT a consultant for Perfectly Posh. However, my friend (and LuLaRoe customer) Ashley Sun is, and she’s fabulous! I love working with her and highly recommend her! A few bonus perks about Perfectly Posh: all of their products are made and sourced in the united states, they don’t participate in animal testing, there are no fillers, and they use natural ingredients.

Now, that I’ve put all of that out there… onto the good stuff. You know, that creamy, slightly exfoliating body wash that has a hint of vanilla and berries and in is in no way overwhelming. That is my favorite part about this body scrub. It’s scent is super lightweight. Sometimes body washes and lotions can give me a headache with their intense smell, and this definitely isn’t the case with this product.

It’s called Black-Listed, and according to the container (which is recyclable – so yay for earth friendly) it’s a body scrub that includes honey, sugar, and jojoba oil with a musky blackberry vanilla fragrance. I have no clue why it’s called Black-listed, and honestly – I purchased it because I assumed (incorrectly obviously) that it would have charcoal in it. I’ve been trying out charcoal products lately (I don’t know why…. maybe because it’s cool?) and wanted to try this for my *ahem* body breakouts. (Cause those AREN’T cool).


I first tried it on my hands, twice. I’m not sure why I did it twice, but I did. Black-listed did not lather up, and I didn’t really feel the seeds in it, but I did feel the sugar. Even with that, it was more the consistency of paste than my previous experiences with body scrubs. It’s a very gentle paste. As I said before, I was pleased with it’s light scent. My hands felt very soft, and very smooth. They didn’t feel dried out like they do after some body scrubs, and they felt well moisturized. Overall, pretty good.

I was going to write my review after that, but then I felt like I would be doing a disservice to my readers if I didn’t at least get in the shower with it. So I did. Here’s proof.

I used this from the neck down in the shower. I found it difficult to use on my back because of the paste like consistency (I didn’t attempt to use it in the loofa, that may control it a little better) and with the water flowing I found I dropped more of it into the shower floor than I’d like. I loved the light scent in the shower, I felt like it exfoliated the areas that needed gentle exfoliation perfectly, and I didn’t have to use a lot of it.

Overall: I’ll order this product again, if I can resist the temptation to try it all! When you get to the site, you’ll need to search “blacklisted” because even though the bottle says “black-listed” it doesn’t come up with the hyphen.

UPDATE: The product that I originally meant to order is actually called “The Dark” body scrub. So that may be next on my list!

Here’s that link again! The only thing I gain from you clicking on this link is perk points if you decide to sign up for their free perks program, and all products in this review were purchased at full retail price by me!

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