LuLaRoe Convention! Day one

Ok, so the day started out pretty good, kissing my babies goodbye. Daphne woke up and loved on me, while the boys stayed in bed. I met a new friend on the shuttle to the airport, and we flew the whole way together!

When I landed in Dallas I had a text “call me ASAP”. Never a good sign. As it turns out, hubby already had one of the kiddos at the doctor! Dilly, who spends more time upside down than right side up, managed to twist her elbow today and has to keep it in a sling for a few days. It’s no surprise that hubby is taking the kids to his moms for a few days! Between Cono’s cut eye, Buddy’s bruised forehead, and Dillys twisted elbow, they will keep him on his feet!

I arrived in OC, and after a traumatic ride through traffic made it safely to the Hotel. I got to meet some of my lovely LuLa Sisters in person, and absolutely LOVE my roommate Trudee!

My sister-in-law picked me up for dinner, and I got to spend time with my adorable nephew. I can’t wait to see him and Cono play together. I also can’t wait to see the new baby! <3

I ended the night visiting with friends, including my amazing sponsor! Tomorrow will be a full day, and I can’t wait to experience it!!

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