DH and I


I'm the voice behind most of the blogs written here, and Dandelion Happy is my baby.  It's a seed that's been resting for about the last ten years, and I've finally let it sprout. I have three crazy munchkins.  My middle guy has some special needs, which you'll be able to read more about here. I'm an Army veteran, an Army wife, perpetual student, LuLaRoe consultant, and proud MOPS mom. I'm honored to share this space with you, and I hope that within these pages you'll find something that will help you find your joy.

(P.S. That handsome guy is the hubby... he may be featured from time to time, but he likes his privacy a little bit more than I do!)

Meet the Dandilittles

They are my inspiration.  Dandelion Happy was a seed in my mind about 3 years before the birth of my daughter, but once my son was born it started to take shape.  Everything within these pages is because of them.


Eldest child and Aspiring Gymnast

Dilly is an animal whisperer, aspiring gymnast, and independent thinker. Her best asset is her ability to treat everyone equally.


Middle Child and OCD Warrior

Bubby is an artist, singer, and puzzle solver. He can spend hours drawing. He too enjoys gymnastics, and doesn't let his diagnosis stop him.


Youngest Child and Official Troublemaker

Nano is the baby of the family, and an accomplished troublemaker. He knows how to flash his smile to get his way. He's adored by all.